Registration and Login

  • You have to register to play the contest Fevikwik A2Z of repair. Once registered, you can use the same email ID to login.
  • You cannot use the same email ID to register again.
  • Use only valid Email Id and Mobile number (In case of wrong details, we won’t be able to contact you).

how to play

  • Click on the play button. Listen carefully to the sound clip and enter the name of the object, that Fevikwik can fix.
  • Once you have filled all the options on the page, click on the scroll button on the right hand side, to move to the next set of questions.
  • After you have entered all the options, click on the Submit Kwikly Button to submit your entries.


  • You can play the game more than once. Only your highest score will be considered.
  • You need to enter the name of all the objects, that fevikwik can fix, to move to the next page. (in case you are not able guess, put an objects name that you feel fevikwik can fix)
  • Some sample reference videos for objects that fevikwik can fix, had also been share.
  • A spelling error/ typo would be considered as wrong answer.
  • The winner will be chosen through a lucky draw. The weekly winners will also stand a chance to win the grand prize i.e. iPad Mini.


  • We will select 3 weekly winners (1 winner each week) and one grand prize winner (iPad Mini).
  • Weekly winners will receive a gift voucher worth Rs. 500/-
  • One lucky winner will receive a grand prize – iPAD Mini (Will be announce at the end of the contest)
  • The contest Fevikwik A2Z of repair ends on 31st December 2014
  • The winners will be announced on the Fevikwik Website, Fevikwik facebook page and Fevikwik twitter page.