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DIY Sequined T shirt Ideas

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DIY Sequined T shirt Ideas

DIY Sequined T shirt Ideas

If you want to recycle an old t-shirt and add some bling to it, sequins and Fevikwik is all you need! Use brightly coloured sequins to add words or patterns or colour to a t-shirt or use gold or silver sequins to add drama and convert a simple tee into evening wear. Iron the t-shirt to remove any wrinkles. Stretch the t-shirt over a flat cardboard and think of the pattern you want to create. You can even draw the pattern with light pencil marks. Dot Fevikwik using the nozzle for precision behind each sequin and quickly stick into place, along the pattern line. Finish the pattern and let the t-shirt dry for 12 hours..

Posted - 5 years ago

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