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DIY Shoe Stand

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DIY Shoe Stand

DIY Shoe Stand

There are plenty of simple and creative ways to store scattered shoes and in most cases, it would cost you a minimal amount or nothing at all, depending on what you have around the house. Get a hold of basic sheets of cardboard and roll each one into a large tube; stick them at the ends. Cut each cylinder down to size depending on the size of your shoes. Place a few of the cylinders on the floor and follow up by placing consequent tubes on top of each other in a honeycomb-like fashion. The formation can go as high or as wide as you wish. Your shoes can now easily slip into these little tubes. The cardboard could also be replaced with wide PVC pipes or old paint cans. The formation could be painted to match your decor, if need be, or positioned inside a closet, out of the way..

Posted - 5 years ago

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