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How to recycle an old jewellery box

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How to recycle an old jewellery box

How to recycle an old jewellery box

Have an old jewellery box sitting on your dresser that looks rather dated? Give it an all new look with old ribbons, lace and some beads! Every girl loves a unique jewellery box, and it is easy to recycle an old one into a customized new box. Wipe the original box with a dry, soft cloth. Create a unique pattern with lace, ribbons and beads to give it a new look. You can also re-paper an old cardboard box to get the right base. Once your design is complete, use small dabs of Fevikwik to start sticking the adornments one by one. Make sure that each side has dried completely before moving to the next one..

Posted - 5 years ago

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