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How to repair a mobile phone with Fevikwik

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How to repair a mobile phone with Fevikwik

How to repair a mobile phone with Fevikwik

Mobile phones undergo extensive wear and tear every day. As a result, panels can crack with a fall, buttons come off with excessive Whatsapp messaging and holders get chipped and scratched. Here is a simple and effective remedy for all your mobile woes – Fevikwik. Since Fevikwik comes with nozzle applicators, it is very simple to use it to for precision jobs like fixing chips, scratches and buttons of your mobile phone. Apply a dot of the glue after cleaning the surface with a soft cloth, press together and achieve seamless repair. Make sure you always wear gloves when working with Fevikwik though. It can also help to repair broken phone covers and cases..

Posted - 5 years ago

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