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Recycle broken CDs for a Bird Bath

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Recycle broken CDs for a Bird Bath

Recycle broken CDs for a Bird Bath

Summer time is when we need to try and keep our feathered friends as cool as possible and one way to do this is by setting up a bird bath in your garden or on your terrace. Just to make it interesting, here’s a simple way to add a little pizzazz to the bird bath using old or damaged CDs. By carefully cutting the CDs into bits and pieces or tiles, use a little waterproof glue and cover the inner surface of the bath with these CD pieces; place them with the CD cover facing down and the playing area facing up. You may need to separate the discs and remove the transparent plastic layer (which you won’t require). You can position the pieces into a specific design or just lay them out carefully covering the entire surface. The reflections off of the surface of the disc pieces will look just as good as any mosaic artwork you can find..

Posted - 4 years ago

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