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Recycle empty tin cans into coffee mugs

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Recycle empty tin cans into coffee mugs

Recycle empty tin cans into coffee mugs

Tin cans that may come by way of canned food items could be recycled into interesting mugs with the added help of old cutlery. The cans would need to be thoroughly cleaned and the outer labels peeled off (or not if you want to keep things interesting). To make things colourful you could choose to paint the outside of the cans in funky colours if they look a little too “basic” or drab. Use an old fork or spoon as the handle by heating them up and carefully bending them into a curve. These makeshift handles could then simply be glued to the side of the can and voila, instant coffee mug. The prongs of a fork could be curled up to avoid injury but would also add a very creative touch to the look of the mug..

Posted - 4 years ago

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