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Easy fix for a broken ladle spoon While we were moving into a new city last month, the box packed with kitchen utensils had a little accident and my one and only ladle spoon snapped into two.
Since we were new in town and didn't even know the markets, I was very glad that I had remembered to pack a few tubes of Fevikwik. A few drops later, my ladle was as good as new!

Posted - 5 years ago

I fixed the handle of a childrens scooter with Fevikwik
My daughter loves her pink scooter, so she was heartbroken when one of the handles broke off when the scooter fell down the stairs.
Thankfully, a few drops of Fevikwik repaired the damage and the handle looks as good as new!

Posted - 5 years ago

How Fevikwik Saved My Floor Lamp
My in-laws were coming to stay with us for the first time, and I really wanted to impress them with my cleaning skills. I spend an entire day vacuuming and dusting the house, until I noticed there was some dog hair collected inside the microfiber shade of my tall floor lamp.
In my attempt to clean it out very well, I managed to rip off the shade from where it was attached to the metal! Thankfully, I had the presence of mind to quickly use Fevikwik for a seamless repair. When my in-laws arrived 30 minutes later, they complemented the lovely lamp besides the sofa!

Posted - 5 years ago

How I Personalized My Dresser Mirror!

I love pretty patterns, so I decided to give my old wall mirror a quick makeover with some leftover fabric I for while reupholstering some chairs. The wooden frame was scratched and scrapped, so I cut up the fabric in thick strips to cover all sides, and used Fevikwik to secure it in place. Now I have what I call a statement-mirror!

Posted - 5 years ago

My Cool Patched Denim Jacket

Trendy denim jackets are all the rage in my college, so I decided to give my old faithful denim jacket a quick makeover! I used Fevikwik to stick on the leopard print fabric and some metal shoulder studs.

It was really easy to do, since I don't have any sewing skills. And I get compliments on my cool, unique jacket all the time now!

Posted - 5 years ago

Easy-peasy organizer baskets

My home desk was a huge mess with piles of stationary, decorative ribbons and threads. Organizer baskets are expensive and I have a restricted budget for home improvement. So, I used old cereal and food cardboard boxes to create these pretty organizers! I wrapped the boxes in pretty printed paper stuck together using Fevikwik.

I also stuck thumb-pins along the edges for extra decoration. Then I cut up old belts and straps from discarded bags to make easy handles, stuck together with Fevikwik again. My desk is pretty and so well organized now!

Posted - 5 years ago

Simple but pretty customized cute notepad covers

As a college student, I have to use notepads to take quick notes while attending lectures. However, I hate the regular standard look of notepads, and wanted to customize mine on a budget.

All I used was pretty paper and a tube of Fevikwik to create these pretty covers that come complete with a pencil pocket!

Posted - 5 years ago

I fixed an antique piece seamlessly.

I love this antique glass basket. My aunt gave it to me as a wedding present back in 1975, and it had been given to her as a wedding present by her aunt.

I was heartbroken when the basket toppled while I was dusting and the glass handle chipped. It’s a miracle that my son thought of Fevikwik immediately, and now no one can tell it was ever broken!

Posted - 5 years ago

Fevikwik Saves the Day!

My grandma loves to collect elephant figurines from around the world. When my young daughter dropped one of her treasured ceramic elephant and broke off his tusk, I felt helpless.

Thankfully, I always carry a small tube of Fevikwik in my bag, and decided to simply FevikwikIt! I’m happy to report that one drop fixed it instantly without any tell-tale signs.

Posted - 5 years ago

No expensive re-sole for me!

I fixed my boots! The sole split while I was shopping, so I decided to FevikwikIt! I would have hated to throw away these shoes, as re-sole would have turned out to be too expensive.

But now I can happily wear them for this season, until I find the perfect replacement!

Posted - 5 years ago

FevikwikIt Fix for my broken cuff bracelet!

While leaving for a beach vacation, I noticed that my favorite cuff bracelet had broken into two! It was packed rather carelessly during my last trip.

I was about to throw it away when I remembered reading somewhere that Fevikwik is great for metal with metal bonds. Decided to give it a try and it worked like a charm! I’ll be wearing my bracelet on this vacation as it looks as good as new!

Posted - 5 years ago

Easy fix for a broken door latch

When we moved into our newly rented apartment, I noticed the bathroom door latch had snapped into two. I investigated and found out that the movers bumped a piece of heavy furniture into the door and the latch broke.

Thankfully, they had kept the broken metal piece on the bathroom counter and not thrown it away, so I used Fevikwik to repair it within 5 minutes.

Posted - 5 years ago

Peeling laminate no more!

I recently noticed that the laminate at the corner of my wardrobe started to chip off and peel from opening and closing the doors so many times. I used Fevikwik to repair it ... just a dot and you cannot even see the repair seam!

Posted - 5 years ago

Easy binding for my favourite cookbook.

I have flipped through the pages of my favourite cookbook so often; the binding was bound to give way sooner or later.
But I was prepared with an idea for repairs for when it happened! I simply cut off all the jagged ends of the old binding fabric, used Fevikwik all along the edges, and then used a book weight to hold the book and binding in place.
By the next day, the book was as good as new!

Posted - 5 years ago

Quick fix for my bike

The rear-view mirror of my bike has been wobbly for some time now. It came off one day, while I was getting ready to ride back home after a very long day.

I was too tired to visit an auto-mechanic that evening, so I simply took the tube of Fevikwik I keep in my office bag for emergencies, adjusted the mirror so I had the complete view, and glued it back. Easy repair!

Posted - 5 years ago

Quick sandal fix!

After a day of walking around from one meeting to another in sandals, I realized the weird noise I was hearing all too often was coming from the flapping sole of one of my sandal. It's embarrassing to be seen with shoddy footwear as the Team Leader, and I am so grateful to Fevikwik to come to my rescue.

I always keep a small tube handy in the office desk drawer, and just a few dots gave me seamless repair without having to run around in the heat to find a cobbler on the street. I looked immaculately dressed as I walked into my next meeting, just 15 minutes later!

Posted - 5 years ago

The hero of gaming night with the boys!

Last Friday was gaming night with the boys. The competition was rough, and my best friend managed to drop his controller in the heat of the moment, resulting in a crack.

Thanks for Fevikwik - it saved the night as the repair was so quick and seamless! He even won the game despite his recently fixed controller!

Posted - 5 years ago

The quick bag fix!

On a recent holiday, the metal snap on the inner pouch of my shopper tote came away. It would have been disastrous - the inner pouch is the bag organizer, important to keep my personal belongings safe and easily accessible.
Thanks to Fevikwik, I could repair the break with just a dot of this instant glue! I simply looped the leather and stuck it back in a jiffy. Note to self ? always keep a small tube of Fevikwik in your purse!

Posted - 5 years ago

Fixed broken skirting

As I was moving furniture out of my old rented apartment, a corner from the wooden skirting chipped off when my bulky couch grazed against it.

Thankfully Fevikwik came to recue! I fixed it back seamlessly, and saved myself a lot of money the house owner would have otherwise charged for damages during shifting!

Posted - 6 years ago

Beautiful Recycled Bangles

I love new, unique jewellery and had an idea to transform a plain bangle into something glamorous; fit for a dressy outfit.

So I converted an old bangle into a beautiful pearl and rhinestone bracelet with ease! All I needed were a few pearl beads and rhinestone along with Fevikwik for this work of art. I get compliments for it all the time!

Posted - 6 years ago

The clock tics on

I inherited my grandfather's wooden clock and have always loved it. It's an antique treasure that I hold dear to my heart.

So when it broke in a fluke accident, I just didn't know how or where to find one like it. When my husband repaired it with nothing more than just Fevikwik, my joy knew no bounds! Thanks Fevikwik!

Posted - 6 years ago

Fevikwik saved some precious memories!

My grandmother used to love collecting figurines. After she passed away, each of us grandkids took one to keep alive the memories of the happy summer days we spent at her house.
Fevikwik helped me repair my precious figurine after I broke it while dusting the house. It is the one thing of hers I have and I am so grateful it was saved

Posted - 6 years ago

The saving grace...

I bought my mother-in-law a beautiful piece of pottery on my last vacation. She loves to collect ceramics and I knew she would love this souvenir from my holiday.

When I unpacked at home, I saw it was chipped, despite being wrapped well. A dot of Fevikwik, and it looked brand new again! And this time, I made sure I bubble wrapped it well before presenting it to her.

Posted - 6 years ago

Fevikwik saves my beach vacation!

While on a vacation to Goa, my flip flops decided to bail on me. The sole decided to split as I was taking a leisurely stroll on the beach.

I was far away from a chappal shop, dreading the idea of stepping onto the hot sand. Thankfully, I carry a small tube of Fevikwik in my purse. It took just a drop of this instant glue to repair my flip flops!

Posted - 6 years ago

Fevikwik ? Instant fix-it glue for your kid's toys!

Kids enjoy rough play. When my daughter managed to snap off the head of her Barbie doll last weekend, there was no consoling her.
I needed something quick and efficient to fix her doll to stop the waterworks, and Fevikwik is the only thing that came to my mind. Since this instant glue is fast and effective on plastic, it is probably the best thing to repair broken toys.
I also salvaged a broken train set and an old playtime tea set for her. Try it!

Posted - 6 years ago

As I was getting dressed for my best friend's wedding and putting on the final touches to my makeup, the worst thing happened ---- my makeup brush came loose at the handle and broke! A wobbly brush that cannot blend blush and concealer to perfection is a nightmare!!! Thank god for Fevikwik.... Just a dot of the glue was enough to fix my brush.

Since this is a one drop instant adhesive, it dried in a jiffy and I could finish my makeup without getting delayed!

Posted - 6 years ago

My fidgety son is always up to something naughty and barely ever sits still.
When he knocked over a mug my husband gifted me on our first date (and I have saved as a precious collectible all these years), I was heartbroken.
Thankfully for all of us, I had some Fevikwik handy and could repair the mug by fixing the handle back.
It saved the day!

Posted - 6 years ago

The more often you wear a pair of boots in winters, the more likely they are to break at the heel. When the heel of my favorite brown ankle

Posted - 6 years ago

Sometimes you think you are the most jinxed person on this planet. Be it bird's nature call on your shirt or someone splashing mud on your clothes while driving, you just feel the unluckiest one!
On my wedding day, before the ceremony, I wanted to see my wife's ring. Before I could touch, it slipped out of dad's hand and the diamond came off the gold groove. My marriage was on stake!
I had to save it. And guess what, who came to rescue?
Just a Rs. 5 Fevikwik pack!
I am now married with 2 kids. :)

Posted - 6 years ago

Monday Blues are my best friends. They never forget to greet me!

Before a crucial meeting at office, the sole of my shoe came off. This time I didn't get paranoid. I took my time and thought of every thing that can save my time. One drop adhesive, Fevikwik came to rescue.

In no time, I started not just walking but running to catch the 9:15 local.

Posted - 6 years ago

Sunday means Family time. Dad and I decided to play Cricket while Mom went inside the kitchen to prepare some refreshments. Before she could open the fridge, dad hits a six that broke the window pane of the kitchen.
Sunday turned into a war-day! Before mom starts throwing utensils at Dad, I had to run and find an appropriate solution.
Eureka! In just 5 seconds Fevikwik managed to save Dad's life, mom's blood pressure and my Sunday!

Posted - 6 years ago
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