Has the last year been eventful for you, but maybe in the wrong way?

If so, here's a chance for you to share the worst of the past year that you couldn't fix but would definitely like to, and win for it!

so keep it funny!

Here's the list of things that
we wish we could've fixed from 2014!


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This Before After Picture That Got Lips Talking.


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This Student of the Years Questionable IQ on Koffee with Karan


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This News Story That Went Horribly Wrong


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"I would love to go to space" This Spaced Out Reaction to India's Mars Mission


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Picture That Made Morgan Freeman A Bit Uncomfortable.


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This Flop Kart Sale


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These Hair Makeovers That Make Us Go....WHAT!?


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Sonam Kapoor's definition of 'good actors'


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Indian Media's fixation with star weddings


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Relentless efforts of successful Bollywood dads to launch.

Check out what the rest of the people would like to fix!

  • I wish I could FIX steven gerrards boots from the day he slipped against Chelsea. We could have had the title

    Ojas Sharma Mumbai
  • I would fix all the Twilight movies

    Kriti Chennai
  • If only someone can fix sridevi’s eyesight and ask her...why boney kapoor, whyyyyy?

    Sangit Mumbai
  • Recently happened...I would fix dhoni’s decision to retire!!! Come back Dhoni

    Samyak Mehta Ahmedabad

For a list of things we can, in fact, fix